Principal Link, LLCTM offers educational programs for research sites.  Below is a list of our upcoming courses (available soon).

  • Budget Negotiations - Level 1:  For new sites and new center managers.
  • Budget Negotiations - Level 2:  For experienced sites and center managers.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Effective Subject Recruitment.

Each course is offered at five hundred dollars per student, or you can obtain a free course of your choice for every four study grants obtained through Principal Link, LLC.TM  Courses are arranged via an internet or telephone conference so you don’t have to leave your office!

Courses are taught one-on-one at a convenient time for you!  Courses are taught by Robert Robbins, MSW, CCRC.  Mr. Robbins is the President and Founder of Pinnacle Trials, Inc. and he has worked in the clinical trial industry since 1996.

If you are a Sponsor or CRO seeking an expert speaker on effective patient recruitment, or if you are a site in need of other consulting services to expand your research business, please contact   
Mr. Robbins at (404) 929-6774.